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Rebuilding the Matriarchy

The F3 Foundation is built to sustain, provide support  for, and spread awareness of the collective mission and endeavors of F3 Ventures and F3 Labs.



Our Story

In July of 2022, 1000 + Women were onboarded into the world of web3 through the work of a small (but mighty) group of women working together in Vancouver. The group took the name F3 Ventures and was founded by Annee Park, Valerie Song, and Keisha Mitchell  as a way to fund female entreperneurs with web3 businesses. That vision was originally realized in F3's flagship event F3STIVAL, and has since gone on to expand into the realms of Blockchain development and comprehensive professional training and support for women looking to enter or transition into the web3 sector. The F3 Foundation is the culmination of efforts to impact the larger world members of F3  inhabit as well as seeks to focus on the transformation of  tech as an industry through the leadership of Women and rebuilding of the matriarchy. We welcome all Women and Allies who wish to support our iniatives, champion the inclusion of Women in all levels of tech, and help us to build a better world for all.


Our Mission

The F3 Foundation is built to sustain, provide support  for, and spread awareness of the collective mission and  endeavors of F3 Ventures and F3 Labs. With a three armed organizational structure that informs the goals and campaigns of the NPO, the F3 Foundation has a clear mission of empowering, educating, and emboldening Women within the larger ecosystem of Web3.

01. To Fund Female Founders

Staying true to the origin of F3's creation, The F3 Foundation works closely with F3 Ventures to help inform, inspire, and incubate Female Founders and interconnect Female Funders within the Web3 sphere. Through providing, education, grant funding, and opportunities for networking  The F3 Foundation is on a mission to help redefine and reinvigorate venture capitol in tech.

02. To Onboard and Educate     Women in the world of Web3 

The F3 Foundation is excited and eager to provide tangible, impactful and relevant curriculum, panels, seminars, and event series that offer training, resources, certifications, conferences and community building to our continental community throughout North America.

03. To Create and Support the     Worlds' First Female Led

The F3 Foundation is honored to support and spread awareness of the radical, groundbreaking work that F3 Labs is doing to create the worlds' first female led blockchain and corresponding token. Through sourcing funding, recruiting  Developers with identities commonly overlooked or excluded, and imagining new ways to approach consensus protocols, we are thrilled to show the world what comes next.


Our Community

The F3 Foundation features a robust community of Women who are Mothers,  Daughters, Sisters, Friends, Professionals, Students, and Enthusiasts who are committed to actively building a  new world within the web3 ecosystem.  We are proud to be based throughout the Continental North America in Vancouver, Toronto, Indianapolis, and Atlanta. Join the conversation and the community through one of the channels below:


Our Team

The F3 Foundation is governed by a  dynamic and well rounded group of diverse Leaders who serve  the F3 Community in various capacities and in a multitude of facets. Say hello to the Women helping to change tech paradigms from the inside out.

New Note.png

Keisha Mitchell, Executive Director


Amber Daniel, Executive Assistant

Annee Park, Board Director

Valerie Song, Board Director

Saleah Jiwad, Board Director

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